Öt kontinens 2014/1.

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Wanner, Michal: Alexander Bekovich Cherkassky’s Campaign to Central Asia and India in 1714-1717

Papp, Imre: Conjoncture agraire à l’époque de Napoléon III

Világi, Dávid: Integration versus segregation. Two examples of resolving the ‘native question’

Szalánczi, József Krisztián: „AntártidaArgentina”.Argentineinterests andactivitiesin the south polar region before the Antarctic Treaty (1820–1959)

Szabó-Zsoldos, Gábor: Boer Communities and the British Colonial Policy, 1846-1881. Differences between the Boer Republics from the Aspect of the British Colonial Policy

Czeferner, Dóra: From Construction Workers to Tram Conductors. Female Labour in Hungary during the Great War

Enyedi, Zsuzsa: A francia külpolitika változása 1934-1936 között 

Byrappa, Ramachandra: The Troubling Interval 1945-1950. The dark and dusty years of the 20thcentury Indian history (Part One)

Sylburska, Aleksandra: Hungarian Communists' Struggle with the Catholic Church in the reports of Polish Diplomatic Post in Budapest (1946–1948)

Földessy, Gábor: U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War: The Failure of Containment in the case of the Vietnam War

M. Szebeni Géza: Tojástánc avagy Kádár és II. János Pál

Földessy, Gábor: The Vietnam War and the Johnson Administration: The 1964 Presidential Election, the Escalation of the War, and the Consequences

Pichonnier, Christopher: La Hongrie face au projet mitterrandien de confédération européenne


Szalánczi, József Krisztián: Fischer, Ferenc: The „war after the War” 1919–1933. Evasion of the Versailles Treaty. The naval, aerial and military activity of the Weimar Republic in the countries of Ibero-America